How much are the classes?

We operate a pay as you go system, £7 for members, £10 for non members, £5 for Students.

Do I need any martial arts experience?

No level of previous experience is needed but all levels of martial arts experience are welcome.

What do I need to start?

At the beginning just bring yourself. Comfortable clothes and trainers are also recommended.

Do you take children’s classes?

No at this time we only teach adult classes.

How fit do i need to be?

Although we encourage health and fitness in the classes, people of all fitness levels are invited to train.

Do you have any additional fees?

We do have a membership fee and this goes towards your membership of the Bujinkan. We also require you to pay a small insurance fee to cover you during training. We only ask you for the membership after we see that you are happy to continue with the training.

Do you enter competitions?

No, this is a self protection art and the emphasis is on personal protection through ongoing training rather than sport.

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Bujinkan Dojo located in Kingston, UK